Resumes & Career Coaching That Resonate

Career Testing

To make a sound career choice, it takes more than a personality-based career test. That's why Career Advances relies on holistic assessments that account for the  whole person. We hand-pick the right assessments for you, and for every customer,  often leading to insights that resonate for years. If you're already clear about your goal but want some assurance,  we can recommend some self-assessments.  

Career Coaching

Our one-on-one career coaching has helped hundreds of career candidates. Career Advances offers targeted coaching most relevant to your current job goals, and retainer coaching packages for ongoing support. Our customers use career coaching packages for interview role playing, career testing, assessing job ads for goodness of fit, developing questions to ask at interviews, developing responses to timeline or work history issues, and critiquing resumes and letters.  

Resume Writing

At Career Advances, we work with you one-on-one to identify the skills and accomplishments most relevant to your current job target. Then we roll up your resume like a business case to help employers see you are qualified for the job. A lot more goes into it than writing a resume... like our strategy, industry experience, resume know-how. And, a lot more comes out of the process for you... like insights, confidence, and interview readiness.    

Testing helps if you're:

  • Mid-career and unsure what's next
  • Looking for a complementary career to use existing skills
  • Feeling stuck
  • Willing to do anything if only you knew what it was
  • Letting job security hold you back from doing what you love
  • Choosing your very first career
  • Repeatedly losing job

Coaching feedback:

"Your coaching totally changed the way I look at my experience." (Corporate trainer and business developer, 15 years) 

 "This is the most accurate profile I've ever had done." (Mortgage loan banker and marketer) 

"Everything you shared about a federal job search was spot on." (Military candidate transitioning into civilian IT)

Resume feedback:

"Every bullet in the resume is measurable. There's so much marketing! (Executive Resume subcontractor and professional coach, 8 years)

"Most of the resume writing I see is okay. Yours is exceptional."  (A resume expert and job bank advisor, 10 years)